WebEtui API

Use these functions in your HTML layouts to display the content in your website. The most used functions are listed below. Lesser used functions can be find at "Other functions".


Select a HTML layout based on labels. Use the label from the internet address (URL) or from parameters. The layout with the most corresponding labels is chosen.


Create a menu, an unordered list with hyperlinks to all descendants of "label"


Show the article with included media in HTML. With the parameters format and part you can present part of the article in your own html-format.


Show HTML for one or more photos, documents or videos. Create a gallery or slideshow with nr="all" and combine this with CSS and Javascript. Add a hyperlink to a photo to make it clickable.


Find articles and display in them in a list or as items. You can for example make a list with <ul> <li> or with <a> html items. Find articles based on their label(s), title, author or date (published, created or modified)

search() and searchform()

Full text search in all articles with a single word or an expression with AND and/or OR. The search term is de value of parameter //term// or the value of qs/url parameter "s". You can filter the results and add a HTML format to show the results. //searchform()// is used to display en search form.

wintitle() and metadesc()

Important for your SEO. Use these functions in the HEAD of your master template "page.html" to specify a generic or article specific title and description.


Show the labels from the active article. You can display labels as part of an article, find or search result. Labels can also be used in you HTML als "class" to create CSS styling rules for specific parts of your website. You can filter and format the labels. A label can be displayed as an hyperlink with the parameter "redirect".