For webdevelopers

This "build" section of the manual is for webdevelopers. Here you wil get information about the structure of a website built with WebEtui. How you can build HTML templates and fragments and display the content (articles, photos, documents and video) with the functions of the WebEtui API. You can work with CSS styles and Javascript to work on the design and functionality of your website.

WebEtui is about the separation of tasks: the content is created by text writers in website independent articles which can contain media like photos, documents and video. The articles can be labeled and these labels can correspond with the website page addresses (URL's). Your create HTML fragments to display (part of) the content at different pages or locations of your website.

First look at the architecture and than you can dive in the WebEtui API to see how you can select and integrate the content into your HTML template and fragments.